Philosophy as incentive

Maybe you have the feeling that you think too much. This may be because you ask too little. Philosophy can help you to think less and ask more. It doesn’t provide answers, though. It raises questions not to answer them, but rather to show ways to deal with them.

Religion, political propaganda, advertising and similar simplifications of reality also might help you to think less, but they won’t incite you to ask more, only to believe more.

Make your beliefs stem from your own questioning. That’s all philosophy will ever ask of you.


Nobody sent me. I am not here for a reason, neither is this website. Living my life is not a mission. It is just something happening. I’m just here, doing what I like, writing about philosophy in a simple way.

Some will like my articles, some won’t. Some people just are not too fond of others asking questions. They prefer others to do what they are told.

I will certainly not have others telling me why I’m here. And if I may never know the answer to that question, so be it.


My articles will be short. I shall avoid theory, formula’s and complicated language.  Philosophy can only be of help if it makes itself easily understood.

There will be no footnotes, but feel free to ask where I got my ideas. Most of them will be from mainstream modern philosophy, some from philosophers throughout history, if relevant. Sometimes I shall take personal positions.

Any suggestions will be appreciated very much.

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